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No. 023

The front brim of this classic straw hat is tipped back and a V section is cut into the center of the brim. It may be decorated with gathered velvet to coordinate with the dress, or made from the same goods as the costume. The crown is slightly rounded on top and the same fabric may be used to form a ribbon around the crown and a bow in the center.

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Now available in three sizes:


  • C023 for 18-inch child or a 19-20 inch Fashion Lady dolls. Head circumference is approximately 9-10 inches. Requires approximately 12 yards of 1/4 inch hat braid sold separately or as part of a kit.
  • C023-A for 13-14-inch dolls with a head circumference of 8 Inches. Requires approximately 12 yards of 1/4 inch hat braid sold separately or as part of a kit. This size fits Rosette, Bleuette's older sister, or any doll with a head of 8 inch circumference.
  • C023-B for 10 inch dolls with a head circumference of 6.25-7.25 Inches. Requires approximately 10 yards of 1/4 inch hat braid sold separately or as part of a kit.  It also fits Bleuette.



Straw Kit includes: Braid and Glue.
Please check the kit checkbox to include the kit as well as color choice.

You may order the kit in any color you want, at no additional cost, providing the color is on the pull down menu of straw colors at the time of your order. You may also include your color preference in the message part of your order.


Hat Form Only
023 Hat Form circumf 10"  $24.95
023-A Hat Form circumf 8"  $23.95
023-B Hat Form circumf 6-7"  $22.95
Additional Charge for Straw Kit
023 straw & glue kit  $15.95
023-A straw & glue kit  $14.95
023-B straw & glue kit  $12.95

straw color if ordering kit
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